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Welcome to Rose McDaid Counseling. You have taken the first step towards fulfilling your desires and living a more meaningful life.

Are you experiencing a deep sadness in your heart, an empty feeling that continues to linger, or any other distressful feelings? Or perhaps you are looking for more personal or professional growth?

As a trained, independent psychotherapist I would like to help guide you, keep you on course, and illuminate things for you that you may not see for yourself. I also draw on my background as a down-to-earth confidante, meditator, entrepreneur and an activist for the endangered innocence of the child.

I specialize in working on all aspects of love and emotional problems, work challenges from an entrepreneurial perspective, reducing stress and helping you figure out what is deep in your heart - all while learning to deal better with life's uncertainties.

I have a long history of creating an environment which nurtures and encourages your ability to confide in me with comfort and ease through a unique process and I am not the ʺquiet silent typeʺ of therapist. Keep in mind that scientific research shows the most important factor in determining successful work in therapy is how well you ʺfitʺ with the therapist.

To understand how you may benefit by working with me, what sets me apart, specialties and services offered, and what has made me a good fit for hundreds
of clients, please take a look at the rest of my website. If you like what you see, I suggest you set up an appointment to interview me, without charge. If it feels like we are a good match, letʹs get started and get to know each other. I can be reached at (978) 922-8925.



“My therapy experience with Rose has been the single most important experience of my life.” H.A.


Rose McDaid Counseling. Therapy for mind, heart, and soul.